" I loved Royal San Marino from the moment I first saw the property.  It offers the perfect mix of sophistication and vacation."

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Matthew Reibenstein has been building and developing successful luxury homes and communities around Montgomery County since he graduated from Texas A&M University. As an accredited builder, Matthew serves as the President of Montgomery County Builders and Developers Division and serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Houston Builders Association. During his first decade in the industry, Matthew turned heads by winning the inaugural “Excellence Under 45 Award” presented by the Texas Association of Builders. He and his team have also won multiple STAR Awards and other prestigious acknowledgements for their commitment and integrity to the building industry

On top of Matthew's building experience and knowledge, he is a devoted husband and father to their three beautiful children. Matthew not only makes sure that he is instilling his Christian faith and attitude in his day to day business activities, but in that of his family too. If you are out and about in the Conroe/Montgomery areas, more than likely you will see Matthew cheering on and helping out at his son's T-ball games, attending services with his entire family at the Fellowship of Montgomery, or giving back to the community through the many organizations in which he loves to volunteer. Matthew is a true example of putting family first all the while running and maintaining a growing, successful business.